Klassischer London Dry Gin neu gedacht. Zitrusnoten, feine, schokoladig-karamellige Röstaromen, frische leichte Ingwerschärfe – das ist unsere Version eines klassischen London Dry Gins!

Nine handpicked botanicals, including arabica coffee, citrus, ceylon cinnamon, combined with a well balanced choice of juniper berries are the begin of an elaborate process. Tons of time, mindfulness, a small traditional copper still, fresh black forrest spring water are all needed to capture the sense of Freiburg – cosmopolitanism by tradition!

A Gin with a christmassy collonial fruitiness. Flavours from orange chocolate, cloves, laurel, cinnamon, cardamom, broad and rich bouquet of spices. Multi-faceted and very full-bodied, with an accentuated tanginess.
tig und sehr füllig, mit betonter Schärfe.

Vinum magazine July/August 2019, "Seitensprung Guide Gin"

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32,90 €
0,5 L | 45% vol | London Dry Gin

Perfect Serve

We admitt that there are some chances that this is not the absolutely best Gin & Tonic "Perfect Serve". But we're sure to be pretty close!

Gin & Tonic

  • 4-6 cl DRYSAM Gin
  • Orange zest or a thinn frozen orange slice
  • 3 gently crushed cardamom capsules
  • a dry and neutral Tonic (e.g. as simple as Schweppes Dry Tonic)

Beforehand chill your tumbler, ballon or highball with a couple of ice cubes (about half of the glass). Pour the gin in, add cardamom, orange and fill it up with tonic.


DRYSAM GIN is a perfect digestive and works exquisitely with or without ice. Play with the temperatur to discover the bouquet.